About Nagorske Brothers Angus

Nagorske Brothers Angus was established in 2001. 

We have built our cow herd with strict selection parameters to capitalize on maternal traits, longevity, performance, fertility, udder quality, and efficiency. 19 years ago, we did our first embryo transfer project and have been able to use this technology along with artificial insemination to rapidly develop our nucleus cow herd. We have learned a great deal along the way, and it has solidified our mindset as we carefully mate our foundation females. 

P3 Angus is defined by three core values: 

1. Power 
2. Performance 
3. Pedigree. 

- Power is obtained through visual emphasis on genetics with muscle mass, volume, and core width and dimension. 
- Performance comes from emphasis on producing progeny which grow, and do so with efficiency. 
- Pedigree is derived from our emphasis on utilizing maternal cows that have proven themselves and more importantly continued to improve their genetics in subsequent generations. 

We have generated females through these stated technologies  and they anchor our cowherd today. Each year when we make our breeding plan, it is our goal to always improve the genetics we already have, in fact we expect our youngest cows to start competing with proven aged cows as first and second calf cows. We strongly believe in balancing both phenotypic and genotypic traits. This means utilizing EPDs and genomics as tools to help predict genetic merit, but not for sole reliance.… in other words, if a genomic test predicts a trait to improve, we will endorse it only when the raw data and visual phenotype portray it…. The paper values must couple with ideal phenotypic design. We have always made the focal point of our breeding program around our female nucleus. We do not brand our herd maternal… we demand it. 

All great herd sires come from great cows. 

In the last 23 years we have worked diligently to breed the absolute best seed stock we feel fit the guidelines stated above. As we continue to breed with the future in mind, we can assure you that the things you expect and the input we receive will always be strongly considered. Please do not hesitate to call or contact us at any time if you have questions or want to visit. Herd visits are always welcome. 

We take integrity serious around here, your investment considerations will be treated the same as ours, with respect and honesty.